Dreamers by Tom Glover

The basics:

Dance: Dreamers
Choreographer: Tom Glover
Music: “Only Dreamers” by Helene Fischer
Description: Intermediate 2 wall, 64 count line dance with 2 restarts

Stepsheet (PDF)

The review:

Helene Fischer’s song is a little bit ABBA, a little bit Celine Dion, with a touch of Irish or Scottish pipes. If that interests you, then we’re off to a good start; and if any of that scares you off then please come back, because it’s really a great song. It starts quite softly, until halfway through the first verse where the beat kicks in. The second verse is similar, while the choruses are strong all the way through – especially just after the bridge where the beat is like a cannon going off.

Tom’s dance manages to capture the variety in the music amazingly well. The same 16 counts that flow and drift with the soft part of the verses turn into confident staccato stomps in the choruses. Nowhere in the dance is a sequence of steps repeated for long before there’s a subtle difference – counts 1-8 and 7-16 start with the same rhythm but end slightly differently, the weave at the end has a full turn added when it repeats, and so forth. It’s a great way of bringing variety while also linking the dance together.

The steps flow smoothly all the way through the dance – there are no “8&1” parts that are becoming very common these days, so in theory the whole dance can be broken up into separate 8 count parts, and yet clearly if you tried to put them in another order they just wouldn’t fit as well together. Everything flows on smoothly from what comes before it, although the shuffles and turns in counts 17-32 are tricky enough that you don’t want to lose your concentration there. The only part that I would vaguely mark as awkward is the shift from cross-points to a forward shuffle to a left weave at the end, but even that is a minor point.

The restarts have one issue, which is that they both occur at points where the dance continues forwards, but the restart forces you to go back. Again, lose concentration here and you’ll quickly find yourself on the wrong foot – this is as much due to the change in direction as it is the fact that the dance starts travelling back, which is fairly rare. This does nothing to detract from the dance and its overall quality, and I don’t think Tom made the wrong decision in doing this.

This dance is definitely a new favourite, and I hope it takes off in the Australian line dancing community.


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