Wake Me Up by Barry Andracchio

The basics:

Dance: Wake Me Up
Choreographer: Barry Andracchio
Music: “Wake Me Up” by Helene Fischer
Description: 64 count, 4 wall intermediate line dance with two tags and two restarts

Stepsheet (CopperKnob)

The review:

Given that she has, to my knowledge, only released a single album of English-language songs, Helene Fischer’s work is certainly inspiring a lot of line dances. At this rate, I figure that by this time next year the entire album “The English Ones” will be choreographed, at which point we’ll have to start working on her German discography. “Wake Me Up” is another nice song, but like “From Here Til Forever” I feel it lacks the punch of “Only Dreamers”.

Barry’s dance does quite well to capture the rhythm of the music, although sometimes the steps aren’t quite the best choices. In fact, this can even be seen to some extent in the video of Barry’s class demonstrating the dance, as the steps they do don’t always match up with the description on the sheet. For example, in counts 29-32, while the sheet calls for side-recover-forward, which I find quite uncomfortable to do at the pace of the dance, in the video it’s clearly more like a syncopated twinkle step, or something approaching a cross samba, which would be a fair bit easier.

Another step that I’m not fond of in the dance is the quarter turn on the “and” between counts 44 and 45 – it’s a very jerky motion, again not a comfortable one, and it feels like it was placed in there just to make sure that the dance wound up on the right foot and facing in the right direction for the second restart. A similar step, between counts 54 and 55, doesn’t turn, and so it feels a lot more natural.

I also find the last 4 counts a little out of place, particularly the hip sway that seems to have been arbitrarily chosen to fill in the extra counts at the end of the wall. Part of it may be that on the first wall, because of the small bridge, it doesn’t even feel like the end of the wall. But then, this may just be one of those things that gets better the more you do it.

As I mentioned, the second restart is placed neatly in a spot where it fits in, so it’s a little odd that the first restart requires an extra step to be added on the “and” count. Still, it’s not hugely awkward, and all the restarts and bridges are in exactly the places they need to be.

I find that except for a few jarring steps like the ones I’ve mentioned, Barry’s dance has some good flow to it and it works quite well with Helene’s song. Unless people are getting sick of her music, I can definitely see this one joining its partners in a few places.


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